Praxis: Now in Colors with Higher Contrast

Colorful sand in boxes

"colors of nepal 02" by Salva Boada is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Hi All,

Welcome to Praxis! We are in the middle of some site re-designs, all with the goal of making our website and our publication more accessible. Our new design offers higher contrast between background, text and background and buttons/links, to make Praxis more accessible for people with low contrast sensibility and color blindness. Additionally, it just makes content a lot easier to read by everyone, whether or not they have visual or sight challenges. The new high contrast on Praxis also helps reading the text in sunlight or high glare. Finally, we’ve added some burnt orange accents to pay tribute to our Longhorn home.

We will keep working on making the website more user friendly and accessible. Stay tuned for more changes for the better. We look forward to hear from our users if they have any feedback, suggestions, concerns, or questions. Feel free to reach out to us!