A Bullpen Bulletin: New Schedule, New Editor, New Submissions Policy

Face front, true believers!

Alejandro here, with a few items of interest for our loyal readers:

  1. Starting this semester, AXIS is running on a new publication schedule. We will have a new post live every other Monday.
  2. Our first fresh post will be an interview with none other than my new co-editor, Sarah Riddick. There's nothing quite like a brief, entirely textual introduction to publicize the new blood in the Praxis office. Keep your eyes peeled for that in the near future!
  3. Last, but certainly not least: we here at the AXIS blog are instituting an open submissions policy EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. Do you have something to say about writing centers? Are you keen on upsetting the applecart of writing center theory? Have you got an inspiring, educational, or harrowing tutoring anecdote to share with an audience of fellow tutors and writing center professionals? Send us a line at praxisuwc@gmail.com, either in the form of a 100-word blog post pitch or a 400- to 500-word blog post draft. This is a fantastic opportunity for undergraduates, graduate students, and professional scholars alike to nab a snazzy web publication and share their work with an interested audience of writing center workers.

That's all from me for now, folks. In the meantime, enjoy the new semester, stay out of the heat, and keep those pencils sharpened.