Andrea Saathoff
Managing Editor, Praxis

Praxis is proud to announce the first issue as a peer-reviewed journal. The transition has been a lengthy process with plenty of hard work from everyone involved. The ability for Praxis to evolve into a peer-reviewed journal stands on the shoulders of years of hard work since Praxis began in the Fall of 2003. Rich history lives within the articles and columns published and they are still available on the vintage Praxis website.

We would like to thank the individuals who graciously agreed to join the Praxis National Review Board. The reviewers lent invaluable insight and constructive feedback to both authors and editors. Praxis would like to extend appreciation to the talented writers who submitted articles to be considered for publication. We received many strong papers and the final selections were not easy decisions to make with such a competitive field. Praxis would like to thank the University Writing Center administration team and consultants who helped with every step of the transition to peer-review, and publishing the journal from start to finish. Additionally, the Liberal Arts ITS department at UT was invaluable with designing and navigating the technical components of the new Praxis website. Finally, I would personally like to extend an enormous amount of gratitude to Peg Syverson, Alice Batt, Vicente Lozano, and Tony Fassi for their vision of what Praxis could be and for supporting me as a first-time managing editor. This journal could not be published without a team effort!

The current issue, “From Triage to Outreach: Raising the Institutional Profile of Writing-Center Work,” is the second of a two-part series; the previous issue garnered so much attention that Praxis chose to continue the theme. The Focus Articles in this issue reflect upon the concept and role of writing centers’ institutional profile from a variety of settings. The talented authors who chose to showcase their work in Praxis contribute creative and inspiring work, including anecdotal, personal, and research driven articles. We invite our readers to supply comments or reactions as they read the thought provoking Focus Articles, Columns, and Reviews of this new issue of Praxis: A Writing Center Journal.