VOL. 16, NO. 1 (2018): Efficacy in the Writing Center



From the Editors: Efficacy in the Writing Center
Sarah Riddick & Tristin Hooker

Elastic English: A Mission for Writing Centers
Sidney Thompson


Aligning with the Center: How We Elicit Tutee Perspectives in Writing Center Scholarship
Yanar Hashlamon

L2 Student Satisfaction in the Writing Center: A Cross-Institutional Study of L1 and L2 Students
Pam Bromley, Kara Northway, and Eliana Schonberg

Too Confident or Not Confident Enough?: Designing Tutor Professional Development with Tutors’ Writing and Tutoring Self Efficacies
Roger Powell and Kelsey Hixson-Bowles

Tutors as Readers: Reprising the Role of Reading in the Writing Center
Carolyne King

Mapping Boundedness and Articulating Interdependence between Writing Centers and Writing Programs
Michelle Miley

Workshops on Real World Writing Genres: Writing, Career, and the Trouble with Contemporary Genre Theory
Jerry Plotnick


Review of The Writing Center as Cultural and Interdisciplinary Contact Zone by Randall W. Monty
Stephen K. Dadugblor

Review of “They’re All Writers”: Teaching Peer Tutoring in the Elementary Writing Center by Jennifer Sanders and Rebecca L. Damron
Havva Zorluel Ozer